Ergo Engineer Google Ads

About Ergo Engineer

Ergo Engineers are proud inheritors of Fitness Equipment and Swimming pool services in Gujarat, India. Incepted in the 1996, initially at South Gujarat and now grown to cover entire Gujarat and adjoining states as well Catering to wide spread verticals of various arenas of sports and wellness. They also provide the most befitting solutions for customized FRP Panel pools and Readymade Swimming pools. Providing a total one stop quality solution in a most affordable budget to our clients and following ethical practices in the professional field is their mission

Brief Introduction
    Project Brief

    After our immense success in Google ad campaign of Ergo E-Learning the client wanted us to run a campaign for their other business vertical i.e. Ergo Engineers with the main goal of Lead Generation through their website and Google My Business as well.

    After this initial brief and a comprehensive brand exercise, we discovered and shaped a Google Ads strategy for Ergo Engineers to gain maximum lead in the form of email inquiry or calls through Ads.

    Target Audience

    For Ergo engineers target audience is divided in two groups as they have two different product categories i.e. fitness equipment and swimming pools.

    For fitness equipment we identified the target audience of age group ranging from 18 to 58 years with the interest targeting in gym, health club, fitness equipment, fitness accessories.

    For swimming pool we identified the target audience of Household Income of Top 50% in Gujarat and Neighboring Teritories and age group ranging from 25 to 65 years with the interest targeting in farmhouse, personal swimming pool, swimming pool accessories.

    The Process

    Before creating a Google Ads campaign, we conducted research and analysis that includes analyzing competitors' Google Ads campaigns, and determining the most effective keywords and ad copy.

    Based on the Competitor research and Competitor analysis, we created a separate Google Search Ad campaigns for Fitness equipment and Swimming Pools that each includes ad groups organized by product category and well researched keywords along with tailored ad copy for each ad group.

    For Display Ads or Banner Ads, we designed visually appealing banners with clickable headlines and combined it with CTA buttons to attract the user to click ad. With the placement targeting we targeted the similar websites and related YouTube channels to drive maximum potential customer to the ergo engineer's website.

    After campaign was set up, we continuously monitored the performance of the Google Ads campaign and make necessary adjustments as needed to keep our ads relevant. This include adjusting the bid strategy, testing different ad copies (A/B Testing), and adding negative keywords to improve targeting.

    Social Media Ads & Results

    After the completion of 3 months, we measured the Results are as:

    For Fitness Equipment:-

    - An increase in CTR of 16%

    - An Increase in Lead of 36.7%

    - Decrease in CPC of 32%

    For Swimming Pool:-

    - An increase in CTR of 12%

    - An Increase in Lead of 18.3%

    - Decrease in CPC of 21%