Origin Story

How it all began

We’re the Simpleefly squad and we’ve been called India’s coolest digital marketing team (not just by our moms).

However, we weren't always the same. We discovered our superpowers like SEO Services, Social Media Services while doing college assignments together. Not only did each one of us have their own specialties, we also complemented each other's powers.

We realized that we had a greater purpose and went on to train under the best of the brands to hone our creative, strategic and research skills. Only to team up once again in 2020 when we saw the deteriorating state of digital marketing in India which were full of overtired templates that should have retired a very long time ago.

Our sense of justice couldn’t allow young brands fall into the trap of people / agencies who promote uninspired and lazy marketing. So here we are, ready to fly your brand to new heights and break away from the ordinary with our exceptional digital marketing services - SEO, Social Media Marketing, Brand Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and more!