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About Ergo E-Learning

Ergo E-Learning a platform founded by an author of Handbook on Energy Audit and with the industry experience of more than 25 years is committed to offer quality courses in the filed of Energy and Sustainability at affordable pricing. They have a wide range of courses on Thermal and Electrical utilities energy saving, green building design, Energy Modelling with different softwares, Water audit, HVAC design, and many more. They also offer training to companies and employees as per their requirement in the field of Energy and Sustainability.

Brief Introduction
    Project Brief

    The Client were already running their own Google Ads for their general courses but weren't happy with the results they were getting. The founder approached us, A Google Ads Agency, for search engine marketing before BEE exam with major goal of increase E-commerce sales of Particular designed course for above mentioned Exam. They had limited time and certain budget to go for this campaign.

    After this initial brief and a comprehensive brand exercise, we discovered and shaped a Google Ads strategy for Ergo E-Learning to gain maximum website traffic and generate more e-commerce Sales.

    Target Audience

    The target audience for this campaign was very niche as this was India level exam which required 3 Years of minimum work experience after graduation in Engineering.

    So We identified the target audience of age group ranging from 25 to 50 years with the ads targeting in online courses and energy audit, mostly Engineers who had at least 3 years of industry experience.

    The Process

    The biggest opportunity we found when we reviewed the Google Ads data, was that they had been running their ads for over a year so they had collected a wealth of data. The only problem was, they were not using it. In fact they were using the same broad match keywords they started with over a year ago. Many of the advertising clicks they were paying for were for searches that had nothing to do with services they provided.

    So we were able to review all the data from the previous year along with our own Keyword Research, we identified whom should we target, which keywords should we use and which keywords to be used as negative keywords.

    We kicked off the campaign with some huge changes to their advertising setup and with the proper long tail keywords which had low CPC and High Search volume that immediately reflected in improvements.

    We also targeted Through a series of highly targeted remarketing campaigns, we were able to re-engage with website visitors and purchasers on a granular level, ensuring that our ads were relevant with what the potential customers of our campaign were interested in on site.

    This approach allowed us to offer the right product, at the right time for the right audience. This combined with our bespoke designed Display ads Banners provided the trust factor needed to persuade buyers on the fence to commit and purchase the high value products our client offered.

    We targeted audiences through a multi funnel strategy using Google Search Network, Google Display Network and Youtube Advertising.

    Social Media Ads & Results

    After Running the campaign for 2 months we measured the Results are as:

    - An increase in website sales of 81.7%

    - Costs per conversion were 2X lower

    - ROAS are 3X more compared to previous period.

    Thus, We achieved increase in e-commerce sales by applying successful well research strategy and well planned execution along with daily monitoring and contant improvemnents in Ad Copies.

    After the successful campaign for particular course client carried forward the ad campaign for all other general courses being sold on website with us.