HustleUp Branding

About HustleUp Branding

Hustleup is one of its kind coming together of personalities in the world of health and fitness to serve a single purpose, making health accessible to all. It is a fitness startup that focuses on individual strength of each of its cofounder and thus is able to provide a 360 degree solution to problems of every kind. It uses customised plans and approaches suited individual needs rather than pushing one size fits all mentality which has plagued many organisations in this vertical.

Brief Introduction
    Project Brief

    They wanted to build a brand to stand out from the clutter which is there in the Industry. One of the founder approached us before launch to help them with the building an outline of their collective brands and also work on the personal brands of the founders for which we started with the logo concept of the umbrella brand. The logo will be the core of the brand which will go out in the media releases as well as all the social media communications. For individual brand development, we started by defining their brand personality and providing a clearly laid brand guideline for personal brands. After this initial brief and a comprehensive brand exercise both for the umbrella brands as well as individual sessions with the founders, we discovered and shaped a brand identity, brand voice and brand personality for hustleup as well as personal brands that will guide our journey as well as communications further.

    Target Audience

    The target audience for the brand is pretty broad and frankly the founders are also open to work with any client who has the intent as well as dedication to improve their lifestyle and health. We identified the target audience as 24 to 40, mostly working men and women, married and do not get time to maintain a proper healthy lifestyle. The problem we faced was lots of competition and similar pages out in the market. Also the logo needs to depict the product and also create a recall in the minds of the target audience. It also need to be a simplistic logo in approach both in accordance with the values and personalities of co founders.

    The Process

    We got to work as soon as we had a brief in our mind to design a logo for their umbrella brand first. We brainstormed the basis of the umbrella brand identity. The first step was to identify all the relevant logo elements that we can use to identify with the core message of the brand and its offerings. We came up with concepts like growth, health and momentum that have to be depicted in the logo. We then chalked out a bunch of combination designs containing logo and name. We also experimented with many different sets of color palletes which are often used in the field of health and fitness but combined them with unique imagery that help the brand stand out, creating a brand recall while at the same time complementing the brand values. Here are a few chosen examples.

    Each Design is unique and plays to the strength of the brand. The process of building the brand guideline for the media communication was even more intriguing. We crafted a mood board as our north star and created a visualisation of how our posts will look on the social media platforms. We then did a competitor anaylsis and found that various other brands in a similar space and what kind of posts and content they were putting out which helped us not only identify the gaps but also what was successful in terms of social media offering.

    We approached the personal brand guidelines in a different manner and after deeply understanding the unique offering and personality of each cofounder, we created a basic brand personality and growth path with particular focus on diversified target audiences.

    Final Design & Brand Guidelines

    The final logo design of Hustleup is very elegant and contains momentum in its very imagery.

    The colors used are Aquamarine (#18E4A7), Smokey Black (#0E0C0C) and, Cultured White (#F6F6F6). These colors stands out in the fitness startup vertical. The upward movement depicted by the arrows is very suggestive of the message the founders wanted to convey. The colours used signify growth and improvement as well as good health.

    The brand guideline itself is made in a way that can help the co founders to create a cohesive brand strategy not just for social media but also for all kinds of customer communication. The individual brand guidelines reflect each individual personality well and highlight their particular strength.