Mechwayy Logo Design

Creating a powerful brand logo which tell simple stories.

About Mechwayy

Mechwayy, an upcoming roadside assistance service is looking forward to enter the market. They plan to launch an app to make their service easily accessible to everyone at all times. While there are several entrants in the Indian market which provide ‘on demand car repair services’, only a few have the value proposition of urgent roadside assistance.

Maintenance & Repair Service
Brief Introduction
  • 24x7 service with fast response time
  • Nation-wide presence
Project Brief

Mechwayy approached us to solve their problem – “How to create a powerful brand logo which has a high recall value as well as hints towards the service they are offering?”. This logo will soon be the face of their app, website and merchandise.

After the initial brief and a brand exercise, the brand personality was born. Mechwayy is a punctual, honest, helpful and bold brand, with a functional, humble and expressive voice.

Target Audience

The target audience for this brand are millennials and gen x – who own a car and are tech savvy. Both generations came of age in a time of rapid, relentless advancement. The downside? Consumer fatigue. This meant that the logo needs to be bold enough to make a lasting impression in just a few seconds – given their shorter attention spans. In addition to that, millennials are primarily responsible for renewed interest in minimalism. The desire for clean, simplistic shapes is an instinctive reaction to design overload.

The Process

We started the design process as soon as we had the right audience and brand persona in place. The first step in the process was to list down all the elements that can be connected with the brand. After an intense brainstorming session, the following elements ended up on our final list

Core Elements:

  • Wrench / Nut
  • Steering wheel
  • Mechanic
  • Stop Sign
  • Safety Warning Triangle
  • Clock/stopwatch
  • Roads
  • Tow trucks
  • Tyres

We roughed out several sketches which combined some of the aforementioned elements in such a way that they didn’t become too overwhelming. We then chose two sets of colour palettes which not only gel well with the industry but also stand out from the clutter. After careful consideration, we also chose a bold font (Intro Rust) which matches the personality of the brand. Here are a few design concepts with the chosen colour palette

Our Faviourite Alternative Options
In most of these elements, we also tried to incorporate the extra ‘Y’ in the brand name. This is a subtle yet powerful brand connection. Each of these designs has its own differentiating factor and is a unique concept. While Option 1, 2 and 3 have a human element as a central motif, option 4, 5 and 6 have symbolic meanings which signify speed or strength.
Final Design

Not only does this design feature wrenches, but also uses the mighty elephant as its main motif. The elephant is a symbol of strength, humbleness and honesty – which is core to the brand. It’s trunk also highlights a dotted line pattern which signifies a road.

We chose a triangle to frame the central motif because of its edgy angular shape, keeping the design sensibilities of the target audience in mind. It also acts as a safety triangle which is the universal symbol of a vehicle breakdown.

This design works well because even with minimal use of colour and shapes- the concept has four elements which directly relate to the brand’s core offering.