Paathshala Logo Design

Creating a solid brand logo which showcases youthful and friendly personality

About Paathshala

Paathshala is a first of its kind venture that aims to provide an economical and ergonomic space for students to study for long hours for their various entrance exams. It is a co-studying space that promises and delivers a peaceful environment where students can focus on their studies without the various distractions of home. It also provides all the necessary facilities like ample charging sockets, a pantry stocked with a microwave for the long study sessions and private spaces.

Information Services
Brief Introduction
  • Co-Studying Space for Students
  • Distraction Free Zone to study for Long Hours
Project Brief

The founder was in looking for logo design agency in Ahmedabad, he approached us before launch to help them with the brand building which starts with the conceptualization of the logo. The founder also wanted to include Hindi Letters to some extent in the Logo to make it more regional and authentic. The logo will be displayed not only at the entrance of the premises but also will go out in the media releases as well as all the social media communications

After this initial brief and a comprehensive brand exercise, we discovered and shaped a brand identity, voice and personality for Paathshala that will guide our initiatives in the best possible direction.

Target Audience

Defining target audience in logo design process is important for a logo designer. The target audience for the brand in simplest of terms is any person in Ahmedabad who wants a private space to concentrate and study. We identified the target audience of age group ranging from 19 to 30 years, mostly students who completed high school or graduation.

The problem we face is lack of community and acceptance in the local market around the product of moving away from a traditional home environment for studying. Also the logo needs to depict the product and also create a recall in the minds of the target audience. It also need to be simplistic in approach both in accordance with the values of the founder as well as the understanding of millenials.

The Process

We got to start logo design as soon as we had a brand personality in mind. The first step was to identify all the relevant elements that we can use to identify with the core message of the brand and its offerings. Using our Branding Exepertise we came up with a whole list of elements mostly related to goals, study, pens and place. We roughed out with a bunch of combination designs containing branded logos and names. We also experimented with two different sets of color palettes which are often used in the field of education and spaces but combined them with offsets that help the brand stand out, creating a brand recall while at the same time complementing the brand values.

Core Elements:

  • Space
  • Location
  • Brand Initial
  • Books
  • Bookmarks
  • Student
  • Reading
  • Ink Pen
  • Hindi Letters

Here are a few chosen examples.

Our Faviourite Alternative Options
Each Design is unique and plays to the strength of the brand.
Final Design

The final design of Paathshala is very elegant and contains a figure of an Ink pen tip encasing a single letter P which also culminates into a pen tip at the bottom. The colors used are Golden Fizz (#EADF37) and Link Water (#C6D4E1). The P is very prominent as is a major force of brand recall. The pen is the foremost symbol of studying and dedication of students writing their own future.

We chose a simple Circle to frame the central motif because of the simplistic and wholesome values behind the brand. The color palette is Golden Fizz (#EADF37) and Link Water (#C6D4E1), which play together well and contrast each other highlighting the elements greatly.