Paathshala Social Media Management

Managing a consistent social media page for better reach and engagement

About Paathshala

Paathshala is a first of its kind venture that aims to provide an economical and ergonomic space for students to study for long hours for their various entrance exams. It is a co-studying space that promises and delivers a peaceful environment where students can focus on their studies without the various distractions of home. It also provides all the necessary facilities like ample charging sockets, a pantry stocked with a microwave for the long study sessions and private spaces.

Information Services
Brief Introduction
  • Co-Studying Space for Students
  • Distraction Free Zone to study for Long Hours
Project Brief

The founder was looking for a Social Media Management Agency in Ahmedabad approached us to build a social media presence on Social Media Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube and the major goal of the page will be to build a community of students giving their entrance exam who are looking for such a place to take full advantage of their time and side by side maintain that discipline which is needed for those consistent long study sessions.

After this initial brief and a comprehensive brand exercise, As a Social Media Manager, we discovered and shaped a brand identity, voice and personality for Paathshala that will guide our initiatives in the best possible direction.

Target Audience

The target audience for the brand in simplest of terms is any person in Ahmedabad who wants a private space to concentrate and study. We identified the target audience of age group ranging from 19 to 30 years, mostly students who completed high school or graduation.

The problem we face is lack of community and acceptance in the local market around the product of moving away from a traditional home environment for studying. Also the logo needs to depict the product and also create a recall in the minds of the target audience. It also need to be simplistic in approach both in accordance with the values of the founder as well as the understanding of millenials.

The Process

The process of coming up with the brand guideline and social media strategy for the digital communication was even more interesting. We created a mood board as our guiding light and created a visualisation of how our posts will look on the social media platforms. We then conducted a research of various other brands in a similar space and what kind of posts and content they were putting out which helped us not only identify the gaps but also what was successful in terms of social media offering.

We then created a broad category of social media posts and based on that mocked up a social media calendar. We also did Hashtags Research for Instagram for various categories of posts and selected the most relevant ones which are not always overcrowded but also have wider reach. We presented it to the founder and after incorporating his feedback made a final social media calendar including Instagram posts, Instagram Reels, Instargam Story and Story highlights.

Final Design and Brand Guidelines

The final posts for the brand page go hand in hand with the overall brand image. The text is displayed in the Century Gothic font which is very simple yet bold. The major focus of the post is drawn towards the test with simple angles and avoiding crowding in the post by a single complimenting creative.

The creatives themselves are always consistent in terms of colors, theme and fonts giving a great look to the page. Initially the posts are focused on highlighting the benefits and features of Paathshala by bringing into focus major problems students face while studying at home or other familiar places. The designs of characters for creatives are pre planned and very simple line drawings that do not take the focus away from the core message of the post. The other major element was crafting the captions.

The captions have to expand upon the posts themselves while also using relevant CTAs. The final Hashtag strategy is to monitor and optimise hashtags by seeing how each is performing related to the post and the relevant target audience.